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Customs And Border Protection Boat Chase Catching Drug Runners

Customs And Border Protection Boat Chase Catching Drug Runners US Customs and Border Protection has released footage of a high-speed boat chase in the Pacific Ocean in which 1.15 tonnes of cocaine was intercepted from a go-fast vessel. Coast Guard officers apprehended the smugglers on Thursday 18th July.

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BEAUTIFUL Skinny Girls Twerking On A Boat: See What Went Wrong!

WHEN he saw a boatload of bikini-clad babes dancing this man must have thought he’d won the jackpot – until he suffered an embarrassing fall overboard. Spotting the beautiful ladies on the boat next to his, the guy couldn’t believe his eyes as they started dancing seductively and wiggling their ...

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While on the water, it’s important to have all of your ducks in a line and make sure that you don’t screw around too much because things tend to happen about twice as fast as they do on land. For this boat captain, he would learn that lesson the hard ...

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Impressive Bоаt Hаndling by 15 years Оld Bоy

56′ Pоst Mаrine.. Ripley Light Mаrinа, Chаrlestоn SC. “Pisces IV” dоcked in between 61′ Gаrlingtоn “Rоdeо” аnd 60′ Spencer “Chаsin”. I hаd а bоаt repаir business yeаrs аgо. Whаt shоcked me were hоw mаny аdults wоuld buy bоаts like this аnd cоuld nоt оperаte them. I picked up оne custоmer ...

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