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Best Diet I Did To Lose Weight Naturally

If you’re wondering if there’s a way to escape the gym and still be able to lose weight, let me tell you that you can definitely lose weight without exercise.

Let’s face it, exercising is hard, even the lightest workouts! If you’re a lazy person or you just can’t exercise, KEEP READING!

If you are like the old version of me, sitting around 76.7 kgs or more or a bit less and you’re tired of being overweight, I will show you how you can drop those extra pounds.

Almost 20kgs got out of my body and yeah the feeling was exceptional!

What was most satisfying for me was the easiness of finding clothes. WOW! I could choose a small size and it would just fit in…

Let’s dive right in if you’re ready to experience your weight loss transformation!

Can You Really Lose Weight Without Exercise?

The big question is “how to lose weight fast without exercise?”

I’ve learned about the 80/20 principle that is so important and it makes total sense.

It’s basically 80% of your efforts should be a clean eating and 20% should be workouts.

So, it’s clear enough to say that the biggest contributor in a weight loss journey is your diet.

It was always hard for me to believe that a human could lose weight without regularly hitting the gym or working out at home for at least 1 hour daily.

One day a friend introduced me to a weight loss program where you basically eat healthily and lose weight. That was it!

A clean diet would be the key to the extreme fat loss I badly needed.

What I understood is that our diet is everything. For instance, you can do lots of exercises but if you don’t eat as you should, you may see slow results or no results at all.

But, if your eating habit is on point, weight loss without exercise is guaranteed even though you don’t exercise at all. I’m a living testimony of what I just said, so you can take my word for it!

Of course, you can add a few workouts gradually if you want to improve your health and simply boost your weight loss.

The Fat-Burning Process

During my weight loss journey, I educated myself about the way our body works to get a better understanding of what I was doing.

For me, it was important to get to know more about this mysterious fat-killing process I was about to experience.

I have seen many people struggling with weight gain because they followed a meal-plan just for the sake of losing weight.

After they lost their desired weight, they returned back to eating “normally” and they thought they won’t ever gain a pound.

But if you understand how your organs are working hard to burn those fat cells, you won’t get back to nasty foods so easily I promise.

As a matter of fact, my weight loss program was, for me, a new and healthy eating lifestyle that I was about to embrace for the rest of my life.

It’s basically cutting off everything’s bad for the body. For e.x, junk and fast food, soft drinks, sugary foods, oily and deep-fried stuff, and those bad snacks. You get the picture right?

But hey, a yummy McDonald’s burger once in a while is totally fine. Like I always say, it’s not one junk food that will make you fatter or it’s not 1 day at the gym that will make you leaner.

Best Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Ok, now it’s time to share my best weight loss tips with you, that I myself have followed to be where I am today, comfy, and well in my skin! (frankly, I always felt good in my skin, although I was a chubby chick for more than 10 years). :)))))

What I did to lose weight without exercise was simply saying a big “no” to the bad food and yes to healthy carbs, some good detox drinks, and a few healthy snacks.

I will say it again, a clean eating habit is the key to getting your new sexy body.

As you can see in my notebook, I kept track of my weight loss weekly and you can also see that I was losing almost 1kg every week.

The first few months were pretty intense, meaning I was losing consistently 1-2kgs each week.

Obviously, as my body got used to this eating habit, I started hitting a weight loss plateau.

It’s important to note that each and every person will most likely hit this weight loss plateau after a certain months of dieting or working out. It’s inevitable!

But luckily, I had a few good tips on how to get past a weight loss plateau and get back on track.

I can say, for the 4-6 months of sticking to my weight loss program, I didn’t put on any weight, not a single pound.

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