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10 Minute Morning Weight Loss Workout

When I think about a 30 or 40-minute workout routine I really feel like sitting on the couch instead. Can you relate?

Recently, my husband and I did a 30-day abs challenge which took only 10-14 minutes per day (and it really took us over one month to complete, lol). But to our surprise our abs developed significantly! Even after taking a break from exercising due to sickness and traveling, we can still see improved muscle definition. This ab challenge did not even require any weights.

The success of this challenge is probably based on the short workout time. Because it took only 10 minutes per day, our motivation to stick with the exercise routine was a lot higher.


This 10 minute morning workout routine for weight loss can be done right after waking up to start the day with a quick pick me up and it will get your metabolism up and running. You can also repeat this routine if you have more time. Do it again during lunch or in the evening!

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